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CMTS - Cable Modem Termination Systems

Rincon Exchange is a ISO9001:2008 certified company that specializes in used CMTS cable modem termination systems

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Cisco UBR-MC28U Nortel DE3801E02 Arris C3 - 720922N
Original List $56,000.00
Refurbished Price $250.00
Refurbished Price $2,700.00
Refurbished Price $4,500.00
UBR-MC28U: Cisco uBR7200 Series MC28U Broadband Processing Engines DE3801E02: Nortel CMTS1000 DE3801E02 720922N: Arris C3 Cable Modem Termination System with 6 Upstream Ports
UBR7200 Series MC28U Broadband Processing Engine Networks CMTS1000 C3 Cable Modem Termination System with 6 Upstream Ports
Arris Cornerstone ARCD00048 ADC 600-000000-00
Original List $4,995.00
Refurbished Price $4,000.00
Refurbished Price $500.00
ARCD00048: Arris Cornerstone CMTS 1500 (ARCD00200) 600-000000-00: ADC Cuda CMTS
CMTS 1500 (ARCD00200) Cuda CMTS

Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) Details

When looking for the latest, state of the art Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTS), look no further. At Rincon Exchange we carry a wide variety of used CMTS from Cisco, Arris, Nortel and Motorola. Priced at up to 90% below their original prices, these CMTSs provide very high speed data services including VoIP and cable Internet. We have CMTSs of different capacities that cater for varying numbers of cable modems, from 4,000 to as many as 150,000 or more.

Most of the Cable Modem Termination Systems that Rincon Exchange offers come with dual interfaces i.e. both Ethernet and RF. The Internet traffic is received by Ethernet interfaces and routed through RF Interfaces to your cable company's HFC (hybrid fiber coaxial) and onward to the cable modems in your subscribers' homes. The speed of the data largely depends upon the quality and the capacity of the CMTS. Buying your CMTS from established brands would ensure that you get the specified performance.

CMTSs have no moving parts or such components as may be worn out with usage. Buying a new CMTS will cost you phenomenally higher than buying a used one. A used CMTS performs just like a new one, but costs 90% lower. We also offer 1 year warranty on all used CMTSs. Every CMTS that we sell is stringently tested against defects and for proper performance. Your organization can maximize its budget by buying a refurbished CMTS, without compromising on quality.

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