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Rincon Exchange is the web retail channel for Rincon Technology a pioneer in developing investment recovery programs for Tellabs products and as a result, one of the most recognized suppliers of used Tellabs equipment in the world. With business development headquarters in Santa Barbara, California and regional offices in Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Kansas City, and Reston, Rincon Exchange sells used Tellabs, refurbished Tellabs, and pre-owned Tellabs equipment to customers located throughout the world. Our 20,000 square-foot warehouse is stocked with Tellabs products, including Tellabs optical networking, Tellabs network management, and Tellabs IP/Ethernet products. We offer same-day shipping and the highest quality customer service. All of our products are fully tested and come with an industry standard 1 year warranty.

In addition to selling used Tellabs equipment, we also actively buy used Tellabs equipment and trade used Tellabs equipment. If you are looking to sell Tellabs products, trade Tellabs products, or just want more information on our services, please contact us. We offer up to 90% off list price for much of our used Tellabs equipment. We also provide flexible and creative asset recovery models and can help you extract full value out of your technology assets over the entire lifecycle of ownership.

We also offer turnkey professional services for maintaining your installed Tellabs equipment, including custom-designed sparing programs as well as environmentally responsible e-waste recycling.

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Tellabs 81.6400CTP-REV-B Tellabs OC-12 I/O Board 82.6400622T4-5-REV-A Tellabs OC-12 I/O Board 82.6400622T4-5-REV-C
Refurbished Price $25.00
Refurbished $6,000.00
Refurbished $4,000.00
81.6400CTP-REV-B: Tellabs PANEL:DSX PANEL 05.006.15 82.6400622T4-5-REV-A: Tellabs OC-12 I/O Board 82.6400622T4-5-REV-C: Tellabs OC-12 I/O Board
PANEL:DSX PANEL 05.006.15 OC-12 I/O Board OC-12 I/O Board
Tellabs OC-12 I/O Board 82.6400622T4-5-REV-D Tellabs DS1 I/O BD 81.6400DS1T-REV-X Tellabs 82.6400155T8-5-REV-D SFP OC3 I/O Board
Refurbished $4,500.00
Refurbished $40.00
Refurbished $4,000.00
82.6400622T4-5-REV-D: Tellabs OC-12 I/O Board 81.6400DS1T-REV-X: Tellabs DS1 I/O BD 82.6400155T8-5-REV-D: Tellabs SFP OC3 I/O Board
OC-12 I/O Board 81.6400DS1T-REV-X: Tellabs DS1 I/O BD 82.6400155T8-5-REV-D: Tellabs SFP OC3 I/O Board
Tellabs OC-48 I/O Board 82.64002488T-5-REV-D Tellabs 82.6400155T8-5 Tellabs 82.6400NCB
Refurbished $10,000.00
Refurbished Price $600.00
Refurbished Price $400.00
82.64002488T-5-REV-D: Tellabs OC-48 I/O Board 82.6400155T8-5: Tellabs 5500 NGX OC3T8 SFP OC3 I/O Board 82.6400NCB: Tellabs Card Network Control Card
82.64002488T-5-REV-D: Tellabs OC-48 I/O Board 5500 NGX OC3T8 SFP OC3 I/O Board Card: Network Control Card
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